Saturday, November 13, 2010

Full-Body Airport Scanners

Apparently, in an all new violation of privacy and human rights, airports are beginning to incorporate full-body scanners. Remember that scene from Total Recall?

Source for these comments comes from CNN:

Personally, I could care less. So the guard gets to see my naked X-ray for a moment or so. Big deal. He's a professional, he's going to be watching people in and out of the thing all day, every day. When that happens, you start to not give a shit. Sure, he might perk up every now and then for a well-endowed woman, but its not like anything is going to happen. I mean, is this really a huge violation of our rights? Everyone gets the same treatment. It doesn't particularly hurt you in any way.

Not according to this:


"While the meeting with Secretary Napolitano was informative, it was not entirely reassuring," the U.S. Travel Association said in a statement.

"We certainly understand the challenges that DHS confronts, but the question remains, 'where do we draw the line'? Our country desperately needs a long-term vision for aviation security screening, rather than an endless reaction to yesterday's threat," the statement said. "At the same time, fundamental American values must be protected.'"

Fundamental American values? Are we suddenly losing all of our freedom because of full-body scans? What sci-fi movie doesn't have a full-body scanner these days? It's not a violation of human rights, it's the technology of the future.

We all secretly know why some people are against the body scans. They are self-conscious about certain anatomic features. I suppose that has something to do with me not caring as much... if you know what I mean.


  1. If I pass through one of those scanners, police who's watching will be traumatized by watching amazing GUN...

  2. I think it will be good to have these in the airports :)

  3. lol, that's good he wasn't hiding that gun in his ass

  4. interesting... I'll check back tomorrow

  5. Pedophiles will flock to join the TSA so they can legally fondle children. The sweaty-faced, piggy-eyed little geek who drooled over my nephew at LAX has probably already been promoted. Nice job, America!