Thursday, November 18, 2010

Councilman Calls Cops on Bake Sale

You won't believe this:

*link broken, my bad* Don't worry, the story is still good:

Two boys decided to set up a baked-goods stand in their local park. Their dream? Save up money for several years buy a restaurant. I can't think of a more wholesome, heart-warming example of young entrepreneurship. The first day, they even made $130, enough to buy a cart and add water and Gatorade to their stand! Great work kids!

Oh, wait. The government has to come and screw it all up now, doesn't it?

A city councilman noticed the two boys and called the cops after realizing they didn't have a permit, sending them home in tears, worrying about their criminal records. It costs $150-350 for every two hours of use for a commercial stand in the park. God forbid two boys try and make some spending money.

Absolutely unbelievable. Yet another great example of people trying to make something of themselves only to be slapped down by a bureaucratic government full of pompous asses.


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    What kind of law would forbid this? At what point did someone at a city council meeting stand up and say "lots of people are making some cash by selling stuff at the park. Lets charge them to do it" and have a majority of council members go "yeah, that sounds good."

    Talk about killing small business... Doesn't get much smaller than some kids with a food stand at a park.

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  3. are they (the councilman, govt. officials etc.) just butthurt over the fact that they can't `extract any of the kids' profit and place in their own pockets? will this lead to needing to have a permit to have a lemonade stand in front of your house, if it already hasn't? what will this lead to 20-30 years down the road? =/

  4. kids were making a quick buck. that lemonade must of been real good for everyone. but lesson be learned to the kids. set yourself up at a place were you know you wont get poped.

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  6. To taste the fruit of yon celestal tree.

  7. ehh. That sucks for the kids. Great blog, you got a new follower!

  8. same concept as shutting down a lemonade stand, it's so stupid. there's just some laws that gov't should overlook